Saturday, 17 January 2015

Ekiti Lady Pilot, Captain Bolaji Agbelusi honoured by Zonta international

Captain Bolaji Agbelusi was honored by Zonta international. She is Nigeria’s 5th Female Captain and has been flying for 18 years.
She said in quote “I am happy to have achieved what I have achieved, that is, being able to develop my career, alongside being able to raise a young family. A lot of women have seen that it is a possible and achievable thing, so a lot more women are coming into the industry now. A lot of them had the opportunity to speak with me or come in contact with me before they went into flying or when they were in training had some form of inspiration.
“In the industry, we are referred to and addressed as men and even if you complain that you are a woman, they would say that once you are in that uniform, you are man. We have standard operating procedures that we must follow and you are trained to know the procedures. If you are woken up in the middle of the night to fly, you know what to do. Your competences have to be high, and it is something Aero does not take lightly at all. Aero’s standards are very high.”

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