Tuesday, 24 February 2015

4 Best Sex Positions For Guys With Small Penises (Photos 18+)

Many men based their bedroom ego and confidence on their penis size.
In a case where they have small penises, or think they have small penises, they begin to underperform in the bedroom.

By default, they assume that they need a huge member to satisfy a woman.

What most do not know that, though some penises are terribly too small, sexual performance is more about skill, how to use it, than the size.

For those who truly have small penises, then these 4 sex positions will help you give your partner a more pleasurable experience:

1. Modified Missionary Sex Position: This position is just an adaptation of the basic sex position, the missionary style. It’s a simple and comfortable position that gives easier access. Here, the woman should lie on her back and lift her legs till her knees are on or near her breasts. Place a pillow behind her pelvis. Now, when penetrating, make sure you enter at an angle that the penis crown brushes against the clitoris. Each trust should be carefully done, ensuring that it rubs against her clit each time. Her position would let you go a little bit deeper while the penetration pattern would help you please her more.

2. Bend-Over Sex Position: This is also a modification of an existing style, the doggy style. In this position, you will both be on your feet. The woman will put her hands on the floor and bend her knees slightly, just enough to leave her vagina gaping at you. If you penetrate her at the right angle, you’ll get in deeper and also stimulate her clitoris.

3. Calibrated Cowboy Sex Position: The name sounds nasty but is a sweet position for maximum pleasure. Here, the woman is on top. However, instead of her bouncing up and down the penis, she should rock/grind back and forth. This keeps the penis rubbing on her clitoris, giving her intense pleasure.it.

4. The Hook-Up Sex Position: Here, the woman should lie on her back with her buttocks on a fairly large pillow. The pillow prods her buttocks up and her vagina is lifted. Assume a kneeling position and lift her legs onto your shoulder and lean forwards, pushing her legs alongside. Penetrate against her clitoris and inner walls. You’ll both enjoy it.

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