Sunday, 22 February 2015

Adeyeri Is Suffering From Multiple Myeloma, Needs N10 Million For Bone Marrow Transplant

This young man is calling on Nigerians who can help to do so. His account details can be found in the post. 
For Adekunle Rufus Adeyeri, August 17, 2014, as he said would remain memorable day.

It was a day the young award winning forex trader and trainer suddenly fell ill as he was preparing for Sunday service.

The 46-year-old, who narrated his ordeal on his sick bed, when our correspondent visited him, said since that fateful Sunday, life had never been the same for him.

 According to doctors, Adeyeri, an Ondo State indigene, is suffering from a life-threatening disease, called multiple myeloma-cancer of the bone marrow.

The bone marrow is the tissue comprising the centre of large bones. It is the place where new red and white blood cells are produced. It is also the tissue inside the hip and thigh.

His medical report also reveals some damage has occurred to his spinal cord. 

  Consequently, Adeyeri has been unable to walk or sit down since the ugly incident last August.

  Doctors, however, said that Adeyeri’s situation was still redeemable. They said he would have to undergo a spinal surgery and a bone marrow transplant that would cost N10 million altogether.

“I had to travel to India for the spine surgery because I was told if I didn’t do it before the transplant I would become paralysed. It cost us almost N3million. I can now move some parts of my body but my doctors insist that I must go back for the bone marrow transplant because the cancer cells are now spreading through my body and eating the spine again.”

 Adeyeri, who said he had no money to continue with the surgery, lamented that he had spent all his personal savings.

According to him, even his family members have exhausted their savings while they are trying to manage his ailment.

   While pleading for assistance, he noted that his alma mater, the Federal Government College, Ido-Ani, relatives, friends all contributed to his first surgery. He graduated from University of Lagos in 1989 and also had PGDM from Bayero University, Kano.

 The father of three said, “I have spent all I have and other saved. My family, relatives and friends both home and abroad have given me all they can. In fact, it is their financial assistance that has kept me till today.

“I am pleading with Nigerians to assist me to raise N10 million. I am weak and sick. I cannot work or walk. This explains why I am calling on well-meaning Nigerians and corporate bodies. I need your help and prayers to live.” Adeyeri mobile numbers are 08039391041, 07046065615

His account details are Adekunle Rufus Adeyeri, Guaranty Trust Bank

Account number is 0007654719.


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