Thursday, 26 February 2015

Man Set Himself Ablaze As He Was Trying To Stop Mice From Getting Into His Flat

A man was ‘engulfed in a ball of fire’ when the foam he was using to try and keep mice out of his west London flat set alight.
He was taken to hospital suffering with burns to his hands and arms after the incident in Acton on Sunday afternoon.

A spokesman for London Fire Brigade said crews were called to Mill Hill Road after the man had used eight cans of expanding foam to fill mice holes and gaps around the skirting boards in his kitchen.

But he hadn’t ventilated the room adequately, and a flammable gas in the foam had sunk to the floor and formed an invisible cloud which was ignited when he switched on the cooker.

A witness told fire investigators he was ‘engulfed in a ball of fire’, and the spokesman is now warning people of the dangers using similar products.

“Always read safety warnings on the side of aerosol cans and observe the safety advice closely,” he said.

“Areas where expanding foam is drying out should always be very well ventilated.”


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