Sunday, 8 February 2015

YB's Opinion; Please Share Your Views

Do you think INEC made the best move to have postponed elections by 6 weeks; what would happen if insecurity in the North-Eastern Nigeria persists after 6 weeks, would elections be further postponed? Please share your views!


  1. Since the postponement is basically on grounds of insecurity, I think 6 weeks is unrealistic to curb the menaces of Boko Haram that have existed for over 5 years; except, of course, there is a part we all don't know about. However, I am of the opinion that INEC had its hands forced to make the decision it made- very obvious Jega had no other choice.

  2. I am always on this blog but any time i try to comment, i don't get access. Its totally not acceptable by me. They know what they are doing and i pray it does not do us more harm than good. Most of the people that owing our office will still postpone their payment to after elections. Nigeria shall rise again

    1. let's keep our fingers crossed

  3. Really, I dont know why it is not allowing people to comment. I am glad you were able to access it today . Please keep reading, sharing and commenting. Thanks


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