Saturday, 14 March 2015

"A Female Fan Unbuttoned Her Blouse, Unhooked Her Bra And Said ‘Yinka, These Boobs Are For You’." - Yinka Best

Olayinka Olufemi Olakunle Best popularly known as Yinka Best started his career with the D’Rovans Band in Ibadan, Oyo State. He later quit and established his own band, Yinka Best & His Juju Saxy Organisation. The ace musician spoke about his over 25 years stage experience.

When was the first time you performed live on stage?
That was in 1992 in Ibadan at the Havana Carnival. I was the leader of the then D’Rovans Band owned by Chief Francis Aiyegbeni.

How was the show?
It was a wonderful show. But before the Havana Carnival, I had been playing at social engagements. However, playing at the Havana Carnival was my first major concert, and the show was okay.

Did you panic before the show?
No, I was determined to give my best when I learned that my band would be playing. So, there was little or nothing to panic over?

Did you take any stimulant like brandy, whisky or coffee before the show?
No. Though, I take beer, I don’t touch alcohol before going on stage.

Do you treat your voice or do some exercises to keep fit?
No, I don’t do anything apart from my normal rehearsals and I don’t stretch myself beyond my limit.

On the day of a show, do you wake up early or late?
I don’t do anything exceptional. I may wake up early or late depending on when I went to bed the previous night. I don’t even have any special food I eat, and guess what, I may not even eat but I am always time conscious. I make sure I don’t get to the venue of the show late.

You play saxophone; do you do anything to enhance your ability?
I practice normally, and at the appointed time, I don’t stretch myself beyond my limit. For your information, some artistes run away from cold water because of their voice but I drink cold water or cold drinks even when on stage.

What crazy thing has a male fan done to you?
Nothing much. I appreciate them and they appreciate me too. They have not done anything beyond the ordinary.

What of female fans?
Hmmm…well, some come across as friendly; some ask me out while others send love messages and nude pictures.

What other crazy thing has happened to you on stage?
Many. One crazy female fan came to me on stage one day, unbuttoned her blouse, unhooked her bra and said, ‘Yinka, these boobs are for you.’

So, what did you do after that?

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