Monday, 9 March 2015

Father Brutally Kills Man Who Tried To Rape His 11-Year-Old Daughter

A 23 year old man, of the state of Goias Brazil, tried to rape a girl of 11 years old. He stayed for several months harassing the girl, sending images via Whatsapp, and arranged to meet her.

Unfortunately for him, he never realized he had been talking to the girl's father. When he eventually arrived for the supposed meeting, according to LiveLeak, the girl's father brutally beat him up and filmed it before killing him.

the man can be seen bleeding heavily from a gaping wound around his mouth. An angry 
exchange can be heard, with the alleged attacker who could barely talk begging for mercy and swearing that he will never again try to contact the young girl. In the video he says:

Father: Tramp, will you want to see my daughter?...
Bandit: Never again, never again you can trust me ...
Father: Daughter is my you ba*ta*d, you will learn from this beating that will now take you ba*tard !!

The camera is then taken off the alleged predator's face. He is heard screaming before it cuts out. The young man's body was found three days later in the middle of the thicket where the beating took place.

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