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God Has Anointed Jonathan For 2nd Term – Arch. Bishop Okafoagu

Says, divine punishment reserved for those inciting violence

As the 2015 general elec­tions draw nearer, differ­ent groups have continued to show their support to candidates of their choice for one reason or the other. For Arch Bish­op (Dr) Emma David Okafoagu, Arch Bishop of New Covenant of God Mission, his support for Jonathan is to save Nigeria from civil war. He told VIVIAN ONYE­BUKWA how God ministered to his group after a national prayer to support President Goodluck Jonathan for second term. He de­scribed Jonathan as the bridge between religions in Nigeria, and revealed how God has promised punishment for countries instigat­ing and financing violence in Ni­geria, and those Satan is using in the name of politics or religion to destabilise Nigeria. Excerpts:

What is your ministry all about?

We started the ministry in the early 70s as a Pentecostal ministry in Nne­wi, Anambra, State. We centred our administration in evangelism-plant­ing churches and evangelism. God used us in those early 70s to destroy shrines, idle cows terrorising the community, and injecting power into Christianity that so many people can see that the power of God is still there. We also through the power of God at­tacked the Ayaka syndrome, a night masquerade, grounding their system of operation from operating. We carried evangelism to many states in Nigeria and outside Nigeria through Apostle O. Emma David World Out­reach, bringing in churches, pastors, traditional rulers, leaders of commu­nities. We later changed the name to Board Time Revival Ministries. And later we registered Masterseed, Pen­tecostal and Evangelical Bishop Min­istry Network, through which we still carry out evangelism, ordaining of ministers as pastors, bishops, proph­ets, archbishops, evangelists and rev­erend. And the network have moved from 16 to 19 states in Nigeria, hav­ing thousands of members. I was the first ordained Pentecostal Archbishop in Nnewi, and second ordained Pen­tecostal Bishop in Anambra State be­cause part of our vision and our motto is Master, Voice of The Nation, and Voice Of Nation, Masterseed.

What have been your activi­ties since you came on board?

In 2013, we organised 1000 mem­bers of the network to pray for 2013 governorship election in Anambra State because there was tension. Af­ter the prayer, we had a press release that there would be peaceful election and it came to pass. We then started from that 2013 going from state to state praying for unity and peace of Nigeria, successful 2015 elections and re-election of President Good­luck Ebele Jonathan, and spiritual strength of the armed forces to tack­le Boko Haram. This prayer took us to 16 states. During the prayers, we met some stakeholders such as gov­ernors and traditional rulers. And on August 24, 2014, we moved 1,500 of our members to Ecumenical Centre, Abuja for national prayers. In that prayer, all the prophets laid down crying for Ebola-free-Nigeria, peace and unity of Nigeria, violence-free election (before and after), and re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan. We also prayed for a spir­itual strength on the armed forces to tackle Boko Haram. After the prayer in Abuja, all of the prayer points start­ed to manifest. From August 2014 to December, there were so many prophecies concerning the elections. For instance, one of the prophescies is that Jonathan will not win election, and that even if he wins, there would be violence.

What was your reaction when you heard about this?

We had to gather major prophets to know whether God has shifted from what He told us. On the 28th of Jan­uary 2015, at about 11.55pm to 12 midnight, the arrow of our prayers struck the moon of All Progressives Congress (APC), and God reassured us that the president will win the elec­tion in 2015, and that there will be no violence as people are predicting before and after election, and that He, God is in control. He gave out 10 reasons He will allow Goodluck Jonathan to run again. God also said that there would be a wind that will blow all over Nigeria in January 30, which God said, is a sign of victory for Jonathan in 2015. We then called a press conference at Nigeria Union of journalists (NUJ), Abuja and told them so far we had gone, and what God told us on January 28.

So, did it happen?

Yes. On the 30th of January, the wind of victory started. Heavy rain­fall was recorded in Lagos, the spiritual headquarters of APC. The rainfall is to wash away the spiritual sacrifices that is on the ground, de­ceiving people that there is need for change. And on the same 30th, the leader of APC refused a spiritual de­bate, which was spiritually designed by God. From the same 30th there has been a spiritual unity among leaders and stakeholders to fight Boko Ha­ram. And that spiritual unity is what we are enjoying now, seeing what the army has done to Boko Haram.

Can you mention some of the reasons God wants Jona­than to win the election?

Yes. Jonathan is a bridge between war and peace in Nigeria as the major­ity of Nigerians do not want any other war. He is the bridge between reli­gions in Nigeria. God accepted totally the sacrifices of the wife of the pres­ident for widows, women, orphans, imams, bishops, pastors and all Nige­rians. God said that within six months of re-election of Jonathan, people will marvel at his achievements. They will also marvel at the way he will change people around him. God has said that He has promised more punishment to countries that are instigating and financing, physical, mental and men­tal problems to Nigerians, and those Satan is using in the name of politics or religion to destabilize Nigeria.

God has sent out three major pun­ishments for those Nigerians Satan is using in the name of politics or religion to destablise Nigeria. Their punishments are as follows- God will make them irrelevant after 2015 elec­tions; God will send them on a long term sickbed and He will cause them to die a shameful death.

As a religious group, why did you endorse President Jona­than; don’t you think you are mixing religion with politics?

Our reason for supporting Jona­than is to save Nigerians from chaos or civil war, because the atmosphere is over-charged for people like us to just fold our hands and watch vio­lence. So, we asked God the way out. Let me remind that in all of these our programmes, none of the political par­ties have approached us. The leaders children are all abroad. Our numerous grassroots, common Nigerians will be the ones to suffer the bombs and the bullets. If anybody thinks that the problems are for the Ibos, it is a lie; It will affect everybody. And their fam­ilies are abroad, but then they are not our assists. Our assets are the grass­roots.

What’s your opinion concern­ing the postponement of the elections?

We predicted in 2015 and the pre­diction is part of the wind. People were packing their property running away from the cities. The INEC, which claimed to be ready, was just lying. People were not trained for the job, PVCs were not fully collected by voters. They were just using the army as excuse. It is God’s interven­tion to bring the tension down. And you can witness what happened. After the shifting, nothing happened. After the postponement of the elections, nothing happened. Anyway when the elections are held, there will be no vi­olence.

What are your expectations for the general elections?

My expectation is that once God is in control, let the authorities do what is expected of them irrespective of who the hammer will fall on. It is better that 1000 important Nigerians are removed from wherever they are than for millions of Nigerians to die in a civil war.

What is your advice to Nige­rians?

Let everybody join hands in prayer no matter the religion. The hand of God is upon Nigeria. With prayers, we all will come down from this mountain. The people who normally send people for thuggery, let them bring their daughters and sons as thugs. Once someone dies, the per­son dies. When they give you money for thuggery, put it in your pocket, it is Federal Government’s money, but don’t go for thuggery. If your con­science will prick you, don’t collect, but ensure that you vote.

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