Sunday, 1 March 2015

I Think It Is Inferiority Complex When You Bleach Your Skin-Actress Bimbo Akintola

In a recent interview, Bimbo Akintola talks about what tickles her fancy and other stuffs- Enjoy!

What is your most expensive fashion item?

It has to be my hair. I love hair a lot. Some of my shoes also cost a lot. I cannot say the amount I spend on my hair because I do not want people to beat me up. I used to visit the salon every ten days but now I go weekly. Most times, I wash my hair and braid it.

What is your fashion weakness?

My fashion weakness is shoes. I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I have but I have a room filled with shoes. The room is dedicated to my shoes alone.

How come you do not have any tattoos on your body?

I cannot do that because I am very lazy. I cannot allow someone use needles on me because I am very skittish. It is painful and I cannot stand it. I like to see people wear them but I cannot.

Do you bleach your skin?

No, I don’t and I have never. I think there is a lot of focus on bleaching and it has not changed anything. I think we should focus on the reason people bleach their skin. People say women bleach but I have seen a lot of men that bleach their skin. The number of men bleaching their skin is very high. They do so because they do not believe that their natural complexion is good enough. They do not believe that black is beautiful and amazing. I think it is inferiority complex when you think that being white is better than what you are.

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