Friday, 6 March 2015

Oh My! Owner Of A Fetish And Diabolic Eatery Apprehended In Imo

It was a very horrible,absurd and gory sight to behold earlier today,as the owners of a popular eatery around the sphericity of Aladinma student alliance met their well timed waterloo.

Eyewitness recounted that trouble started within the wee hours of the morning,when the vigilante group in charge of security around the alliance caught a woman in possession of blood filled calabash doing some incantation in front of an eatery by name "Sweet Diamond" situated at the heart of the alliance.

When she was accosted,she lied that she was conducting a prayer session and the security guards overlooked her.
She was almost allowed to go scot free,not until suspicion grew and the fetish contents of the calabash was discovered.
She was almost lynched by the irate mob,if not for the confessions she was forced to make.

She made confessions which smeared the self acclaimed Manager of the eatery by name Dubem.

At the long run,Dubem the innocent looking guy was apprehended and thoroughly beaten to the extent that he made confessions that has caused palpable fears,regrets and tension around the vicinity and its adjoining environ.

In the course of the confessions, the angry scrum started digging the entrance to the eatery.
To the greatest shock and dismay of everyone,fetish and diabolical items like;human heart,various sizes of padlocks,black and white handkerchiefs,traces of human blood and various human body parts etc was harvested.
Dubem in his fear gripped,stuttering and incoherent statements,confessed how he uses the menstrual flow of his female workers to cook food.
How he uses large quantities of human feaces to prepare egusi soup,how he uses human blood to prepare stew and so many atrocious acts.

He even confessed how he sleeps with all his female staffs,takes their destiny and compels them to keep a sealed lips.

He further professed how he enchanted his customers and continuously enchants his prospective customers immediately they step their foot inside the eatery.

He also admitted how he generates and controls an influx of customers to his eatery using fetish means.

Taking a look at his blood soiled body and devilish face,one will wonder and ask"what on earth will warrant someone to engage in these soulless acts"?

With the kind of customers he commanded,I can vehemently state that about 80% of residents and visitors of Aladinma and Okwu Uratta have in several ways consumed commodities from that eatery,if not Garri&soup,chicken,provisions,drugs,it must be shawarma or pop corn etc.

I really share in their fears.But they should be unruffled and take solace in the word of God which says that;"the evil that the children of God are ignorant of,won't find them".

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