Monday, 9 March 2015

Priest Caught Sleeping With Maid Inside Church House

Father José Antonio Solano Boitrón was caught in his bed in the Miraculous Medal Church in Trujillo (Peru). So far nothing unusual, despite the fact that he was in the company of Teolinda Amaya Altamirano, a maid, who worked in the parish.

Well, not only in the company but having $3x with her! $3xual intimacy was recorded and displayed on Peruvian television. The images were made by the husband of Teolinda, who is 4 months pregnant.

The child belongs to the priest. Caught in, the priest defended himself before the cuckolded husband: “They made me a trap.” He added: “I acknowledge that I messed up, stay calm.

Teolinda said that José Antonio, the priest, forced her to have s3x with him. The priest continues to celebrate Mass in the church, according to local media. Teolinda was fired. That’s the right thing to do, no one wants a promiscuous maid working in the church, right?

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