Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Vet. Doctor Falls 1,000ft To His Death In A Paragliding Accident With Teenage Daughter(Photos)

A California man has fallen 1,000 feet to his death in a paragliding accident while his teenage daughter, who was flying in tandem with him, survived.
Veterinarian Ronald Faoro, 60, died after witnesses say he fell from his glider and landed in a steep canyon area on Sunday morning.
Faoro's daughter, 16-year-old Sierra, stayed strapped into the glider and eventually crashed into a mountain about a quarter of a mile from where her father's body was found.
Authorities believe Faoro - who was an avid paraglider, was not adequately clipped in to the harness and during the course of the ride, he became detached and fell to his death

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