Sunday, 8 March 2015

Woman Looks Like A Clown After Tattoo Man Gave Her Two Extra Brows

According to DailyMail, a woman has described her horror after a beautician made her ‘look like a clown’ by leaving her with four eyebrows.

Delsha Campbell, 22, had decided to have her eyebrows filled in with tattoos to make them look neater. But she was horrified when the beautician drew the fake brows above her waxed-off natural ones.

And while she was assured the tattoos were semi-permanent, she said the ink has still not come off after two years!

The coffee shop manager found a voucher online to get the treatment at a local clinic for £100 instead
of £350.

She let her brows grow bushy as a guide for the tattoos, but the beautician waxed two-thirds of them off before applying the ink. Miss Campbell said she knew something had gone wrong when she looked into the mirror as she could see the shadows of her old brows beneath the new ones.

She burst into tears, but the therapist told her the eyebrows only looked odd because her face was swollen.

But her waxed eyebrows soon grew back and ‘within three days’ she had four eyebrows.

‘I looked like a clown,’ she said. ‘I was gobsmacked, speechless. I couldn’t believe what she’d done to me. I had to constantly pluck my natural brows out but I often had shadows.
When I went out I could see people staring at me trying to make out why I had four eyebrows. I was so upset I couldn’t eat and began losing weight. I lost two stone. I couldn’t face work; I became a recluse.’

Miss Campbell later spent £400 on a treatment to make the tattoos fade, but she said the ink line still remains and she has to cover them up with make-up.

She added: ‘I just wish I’d never had them done.’

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