Friday, 13 March 2015

Wow!This Baby Was Born With A Second Head Attached To The Abdominal Wall In India(Photos)

A baby girl born with a head attached to its stomach was given a lifesaving surgery to remove it. in India

Born to 22-year-old woman Amlekha Bairva at a small government-run hospital on FEB13, had the head of her parasitic twin attached to her stomach.

The baby was rushed to another hospital in Jaipur, northern India and 13 days later, a team of doctors successfully detached the head – which was completely formed and attached by the neck to the stomach – in a 90-minute operation.

Daily News reports:

“It was a case of hetropahus twin, but we have successfully detached the head that was attached to the anterior abdominal wall. Blood from the baby’s chest and abdomen was feeding the head. We managed to reconstruct the abdominal wall,” Dr. Chetan Sharma, the pediatric surgeon who operated on the baby, said.
“The baby will require a second and final operation to reconstruct the exomphalos after 45 days. And she will then be a completely healthy child with no medical complications in the future.”
The baby girl, yet to be named, was born naturally and weighed 4 pound, 8 ounces, but soon after her delivery she developed jaundice, which delayed surgery.

Dr. Chetan Sharma (center) examines the baby after the successful surgery.
The baby is now under close observation in the neonatal intensive care unit at the hospital and will hopefully be discharged after a month.

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