Tuesday, 7 April 2015

10 Celebrities And Their Look-Alike Children (Photos)

  1. The boys in the Beckham brood —David, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz—are handsome devils, aren't they? Photo: Michael Steele, Getty

 2.  Meryl Streep's daughters, namely Mamie Gummer, who is to her right in this snap, inherited a lot of her DNA when it comes to looks! Photo: Vince Bucci, Getty Images

3.  Will and Jaden Smith have acted together, playing father and son, which makes sense since they are spitting images. Photo: Astrid Stawiarz, Getty Images
4.  Reese Witherspoon's firstborn, daughter Ava, is pretty much her mom's twin, right down to the cool shades the duo often rock. Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

5.  Over the years, Suri Cruise has morphed to look more and more like her mama, Katie Holmes. Though this pose reminds us of the famous mimic scene in Jaws. Photo: Elsa,
6.  Beautiful gingers Julianne Moore and daughter Liv could pass for sisters! Both are way, way stunning with their red hair and fair skin. Photo: Rob Kim, Getty Images

7.  Christie Brinkley's teenage daughter Sailor inherited her mom's looks and her height! Photo: Vivien Killea, Getty Images

8.  Supermodel Cindy Crawford has a budding supermodel on her hands with look-alike daughter Kaia Gerber. Thanks to her great genes, the teen has appeared in Teen Vogue and modeled for Versace at just 10. Watch your back, Kendall Jenner!Photo: Cindy Crawford, Instagram

9.  Jessica Simpson's tow-headed tots Maxwell Drew and Ace Knute look exactly like her. Little Maxi is going to be quite the heartbreaker. Just like mom. Look out! Photo: Jessica Simpson, Instagram

10.  Elizabeth Hurley's son Damian is a doppelganger for both the actress and his father, Steve Bing. He definitely has Bing's eyes, which is poignant since Bing tried to deny paternity at first and this kid is the spitting image of both parents, so... Photo: Elizabeth Hurley, Instagram

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