Saturday, 4 April 2015

APC Leaders Choose Saraki Over Akume For Senate President

Senate Presidency: APC Leaders Push For Saraki

Some notable leaders of the APC have shown preference for the ex-governor of Kwara State, Dr Bukola Saraki as the next Senate President even though former governor of Benue state, George Akume was said to have been penciled down for the exalted position.

Saraki was picked because of the huge sacrifice he made for the party's success at the presidential and national assembly polls.

With Muhammadu Buhari and Professor Yemi Osinbajo now as President and Vice President-Elect, some of the top positions left to be allotted are Senate President, Speaker of the House of Rep and their deputies.

APC had before the presidential election zoned Senate Presidency to the North-Central and the Speaker to the South East, but now that the presidential election is over, the party leadership may no longer be disposed to the earlier arrangement as one of the National Working Committee members said that, "It would amount to robbing Peter to pay Paul."

The party leader from the North-East who didn't want to be named argued that: "How can the party reward the zones that worked against the party and our presidential candidate with juicy positions while the zones that delivered the party are allocated mere deputies.
"I am sure the party will reward hard work."

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