Sunday, 5 April 2015

Beyonce Launches New Single 'Die With You' On Tidal

Beyonce debuts new single 'Die With You' on Tidal

Tidal has just got another boost with Beyonce releasing her new single 'Die With You' on Jay Z's streaming service.

In the 3 minute video, which was released to mark Beyonce and Jay Z's seventh wedding anniversary, Beyonce performs a stripped back version of the song and sings acoustic as she plays the piano.

At the end of the video Beyonce rises from the piano and turns the camera to show that her husband Jay Z had been the one filming all along.

Beyonce, 33, announced the new track by posting the video on Instagram with the caption "Die With You.".

Tidal's aim is to provide high quality streaming and offers subscribers access to 25 million tracks, 75,000 music videos and other content including artist interviews for £19.199 per month.

Jay Z hope is for Tidal to benefit musicians and it's right now the first major artist-owned streaming service which is rival to Spotify.

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