Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Earth to block out the sun and turn the moon red this weekend

The lunar eclipse that would occur this Friday is expected to be total for only about five minutes, and it will be most easily visible for those in Australia and East Asia on Saturday night.

This particular eclipse is the third in a tetrad of lunar eclipses, which consists of 4 in a series that began in April last year and will end in September.

For those that will  see the eclipse, it will be at least initially visible by making the moon turn a deep red.

The colouring sometimes causes lunar eclipses which is described as "Blood moon".

The eclipse will begin at 3.16am pacific time on Saturday morning in the local time zone, or 6.16pm on Friday evening UK time.

It will remain like that for one hour and 45 minutes, but it is in the middle of that time that the eclipse will become total.

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