Sunday, 5 April 2015

Fani Kayode Was President Jonathan's Biggest Mistake - PDP

The Chairman of President Jonathan's Media and Publicity Campaign team, Femi Fani Kayode, has been strongly criticised by a member of the PDP, Mr. Ben Onyechere during a live program on Channels TV.

Mr Onyechere came down hard on Fani Kayode when the presenter of the show asked him in a telephone conversation what PDP's next line of action were and if the PDP can be  a strong opposition party against the APC government as President Jonathan has accepted defeat.

In reacting  to the question, Onyechere said it was the party's mistakes that caused them the loss.

He went on to say that someone like Fani- Kayode shouldn't have been appointed as Chairman of President Jonathan's Media and Publicity campaign team.

Mr Onyechere condemned Fani- Kayode's approaches before the election, stressing that he went too far in attacking and abusing General Muhammadu Buhari, and this cost them a lot.
"Fani-kayode was using the bad experience he had while in APC to campaign and it damaged a lot and you don't expect to win such election."

The angry Mr. Onyechere further said that even the chairman of the party Adamu Mu'azu should be sacked for losing presidential election in his state.

He said in all, there are many politicians who failed Jonathan, some by mistake but a lot of them intentionally.

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