Friday, 10 April 2015

Former US First Lady Hillary Clinton Set To Declare Presidential Ambition

Wife of ex US President, Hillary Clinton is set to declare her intention to vie for the number one position in the country.

Though her declaration is imminent according to several sources, the exact date for the announcement has not been confirmed. However, unconfirmed reports suggest that the formal declaration could come as early as this Sunday in the form of an announcement on the social media.

Senator Clinton faces no major competition to get the nod of the Democratic nomination in 2016, but the battle is not expected to be handed on a platter, especially in key battleground state of Iowa.

Recall that she had previously lost in her bid to get her party’s nod when she vied against current President, Barack Obama in 2008.

I guess we might just have to start counting down until Sunday, probably.

Source: Daily Mail

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