Monday, 6 April 2015

Government Official's Son lnvolved In Kenya's Garrisa University Attack

Kenyan government official's son linked to Garrisa University attack

The son of a Kenyan government official, Abdirahim Abdullahi, a Nairobi University law graduate, has been confirmed as one of the Al-shabaab gunmen that massacred over 147 students in Kenya last week.

This information was made known by Kenya's Interior ministry spokesman Mwenda Njoka who told Reuters that the father of the accused had reported his son missing to security agents.

"It is critical that parents whose children go missing or show tendencies of having been exposed to violent extremism report to authorities," Mr Njoka explained.

The attack on th Garrisa University College is so far the deadliest ever carried out by the insurgents in Kenya. It is believed to be worse than the Westgate mall attack of 2013 that claimed about 80 lives.

This latest attack has plunged Kenya into a mournful state. Today however marks the third day of mourning in the East African nation.

Al-Shabaab has vowed to attack Kenya and other East African countries participating in the Africa Union mandate to flush it out of Somalia, where it plans to establish an Islamic state.

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