Wednesday, 1 April 2015

HKN Star Davido set to release second album June 8

Davido has confirmed the release date of his second album to be on Monday June 8, 2015 -- just a day after he graduates from Babcock University.

The HKN star made this known while in Kenya over the weekend where he performed at the 5th Afrobeatz Festival.

According to Davido: "I'm inviting all of you for my graduation on June 7, then on June 8 I launch my album. I have worked hard for this degree, day in day out.
"If I am in China today and I have exams tomorrow, I better get to school tomorrow or else everything is a bust.
"I have worked on this degree for like six years now.
"Before I became famous I was in school so I had to take a break, but about two years ago, I went back to school."

Although Davido didn't put up a great performance in Kenya, hence fans lambasted him on social media while guests accused him of being under the influence of alcohol.

Since his gig in Kenya coincided with the Nigeria general elections, several Nigerians took to social media and expressed their displeasure.

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