Monday, 6 April 2015

In-Coming First Lady Assures Nigerian Women Of A Better Deal

In-coming First Lady Promises Better Deal For Women

Nigeria's First Lady-Elect...if there is anything like that...has promised women would enjoy a better deal under her husband Muhammadu Buhari, as soon as he is sworn in.

According to her message, Aisha Buhari assured Nigerian women that they would witness a better deal when her husband formally takes office on May 29.

The message reads in part: "I wish Christian women the abundant blessings of the Easter celebration.
"Nigerian women are among the hardest working social groups, but have remained economically and politically marginalised.
"Under my husband's government, honest labour and hard work would be adequately rewarded, while corruption would be fought aggressively."

She also advised Nigerian women not to fear as her husband's administration would promote and protect women's welfare.

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