Tuesday, 7 April 2015

ISIS Beheads 4 Persons Accused Of Robbery

IS beheads four for robbery, murder in Iraq:

According to an online propaganda video, the ISIS insurgents have beheaded 4 men for armed robbery and murder in the northern Iraqi province of Nineveh.

The undated video shows the militants as still capable of maintaining law and order and dispensing justice.

The video showed a masked militant in front of a large crowd reading out over a loudspeaker the charges the men were convicted with by the "Islamic Court in the State of Nineveh." A masked executioner is then seen beheading 4 men with a sword, after which their bodies are hung on crosses in the back of a small pickup truck.

Meanwhile the video had earlier shown where an allegedly stolen money is being returned to its owners, who then thumbprinted a receipt book.

Where the video was said to have been shot in Nineveh, was the first to fall to the IS-led drive and is still the jihadist group's main stronghold in the country.

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