Friday, 3 April 2015

K9 Finally Talks About His Break up With ELDee, Trybe Records

For all those asking " where is the Kokoma video? " and " Where is K9? " Your answer is no longer far fetched as the talented act K9 , previously signed to eLDee's Trybe Records , finally answers that all-important question and more in a heartfelt message to his fans. Read his message below...

"Evenin fam. Today I'm pained about many things and I'm going to speak my mind. Anyone who knows me knows I run away from drama. But there's so many things I've left unsaid all this time and I'm going to put it all out there today coz everyone keeps asking me the same question."What happened with me and eldee and trybe records.
"At this stage in my career I should be making more money than I am, and the K9 name & brand should be bigger than it is.
"Kokoma didn't get a video, so ppl don't know what I look like and therefore my face can't sellout shows.
"I didn't drop a follow-up dance single under trybe so the kokoma buzz died down.
"I could blame eldee for these things and I'd be justified, because I know I worked my ass off to record lots of songs.
"Only God knows the truth about what happened and why eldee and the trybe board didn't shoot that video.
"Because I've heard different versions from different trybe "insiders".
"I can't bite the hand that wanted to feed me.
 "Ppl don't know but eldee didn't have to sign me.
"He only wanted to sign the winner of top talent and that was @therealsojay.
"I got signed thanks to efforts by @musiqlovart who sent songs in for the competition, and @beatsbysarz my friend since 2008 at least, who played my material to eldee at eldee's house.
"I was still a trainee at access bank training school, working 7am to 10pm. I didn't have the time to do these things.
"I was new in the game and didn't know the hustle well, otherwise I'd have known to hustle and shoot a video for my song by myself.
"eldeethedon it'll take time and the grace of God for me to forget, but I've moved on from all that.
"The things you said about me to @iam2shotz were unnecessary, but let's say everyone was a little confused then and keep it moving.
"Now you all know, I'm tired of answering this question in every interview,This issue ends here pls."

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