Friday, 10 April 2015

Labour Party In Delta State Resort To Use Of CCTV Cameras To Monitor Voting

I once said this year’s election is already becoming one of the most colourful one in the history of voting in Nigeria. PM News reports that the Labour Party in Delta State has resorted to installing CCTV cameras in various polling stations in the state to prevent rigging.

The Diaspora Deltans for Ogboru (DDO) in partnership with The Campaign Against Political Correctness (CAPC) a Non-Governmental Organization purchased 3,500 sets of Mini CCTV cameras from Henry’s Electronics Limited to be installed at various polling units in Delta State to help fight against electoral fraud.

In a statement sent to PM News via email, the flag bearer of the Labour Party, Great Ovedje Ogboru was briefed on the partnership of DDO and John Midley, Director of Campaign Against Political Correctness, during his visit February 2015, aimed to ensure that the Delta state governorship election is free and fair.

The cameras have been mounted by Datapoint Microsystems Limited at various polling stations across the state after the March 28 presidential elections, and are being monitored from various secret situation rooms in the heart of Warri and in various local government areas of Delta state.

A spokesman for the Labour Party, who spoke on condition of anonymity said “We are in the days of technology, where we can use technology to fight criminal act. In the western world, CCTV cameras help a lot in fighting crime and in our case will help fight electoral malpractices. Our agents cannot do it all by human factors, so with these cameras, we shall be able to monitor each polling units for the malpractices going on and have video clips of such activities, so the authority can have someone to punish for any malpractice or misconduct on the parts of INEC adhoc staffs, REC, Returning and presiding officers and the Nigeria security agencies.”

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