Monday, 13 April 2015

Nigerian Comedian Akpororo Apologizes Over Rape Joke

Following various tweets from fans condemning comedian Akpororo’s joke in which he had cracked what could be termed an inappropriate joke; the Warri-born comedian has issued a formal apology to his fans.

Akpororo cracked the joke during the Easter edition of AY’s show held penultimate weekend where he said:

“I was travelling in a bus and saw a girl in the same bus. I was trying to ask her out but she didn’t agree. Soon, armed robbers stopped the bus, collected all our valuables and asked me to strip. Then they pointed a gun at the girl and asked her to strip too. Then they ordered me to have sex with her from behind at gun point. At the end, I enjoyed it so much that I started saying thank you to the armed robbers.”

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