Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Senate Presidency: David Mark's Plan To Dump PDP In Top Gear

Politics in Nigeria is getting interesting by the day. Who could have thought Senate President, David Mark could contemplate leaving the Peoples Democratic Party? But of course as the APC is now positioned to be the party with the majority in the upcoming 8th National Assembly having won 64 Senate seat in the March 28 elections, Mark is set to abandon the PDP.

The Senate President's move is obviously because his desire to remain the Senate President since he's the only longest serving Senator returning to the Upper Chamber.

David Mark has been in the Senate the inception of the fourth republic in 1999 having being elected on June 8, 2007.

Since the APC is certain to zone the Senate Presidency to the North Central, Mark must have thought it wise to decamp to the party, while the APC would have to persuade Senators George Akume and Bukola Saraki to shelve their rumoured ambitions.

I hear Mark has already met with Akume, who is from Benue state as he, to discuss the possibility of his joining the APC and be recommended for the Senate Presidency.

Mark is also said to using his military contacts like IBB and OBJ on his latest venture for support.

But OBJ seem not to be interested in Mark's interest. He (OBJ) is rather pushing for his acolyte, Senator Andy Uba, to decamp from the PDP to APC to avail  the South-East a significant position in the National Assembly in the next dispensation since the region has no APC lawmaker in the Senate.

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