Thursday, 2 April 2015

Shocking! Mother, daughter give birth for same man, same week

Everything In Common: Mother, daughter give birth for same man, same week

Strangely but true...a South African lady, Mildred Mashego, and her daughter Patricia, have by their act found themselves in the record books as the first known mother and daughter to be delivered of babies in the same month, for the same man!

According to Times, Mashego, 38, from Casteel in South Africa, was pregnant when she found out her 19-year-old daughter was also pregnant. They were both due with just days apart.

Mashego's anger became a shock when she discovered that the man who got her daughter pregnant is the same man who was going to be the father of her child, Vincent Malumane.

The 'smooth operator' Vincent Malumane, admitted that he secretly did have sex with the mother and her daughter.

Mildred says that during her pregnancy, she was very angry with her daughter for sleping with her boyfriend and that the thought of an abortion had crossed her mind severally since she couldn't bear the fact that her daughter was carrying a child from the same man.

But when they had their babies, Mildred chose to forgive her daughter for the sake of her grandson.

But right now, the mother and daughter are worried about what they will tell their children when they are grown.

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