Thursday, 2 April 2015

Wenger denies making bid for Palermo striker Paulo Dybala

Arsenal Wenger has denied reports that Arsenal have made an offer for £29m-rated Palermo striker Paulo Dybala.

Arsenal Wenger has denied rumours by Zamparini that Arsenal made an offer to buybPalermo striker Paulo Dybala.

Furious Wenger told reporters today to ask Zamparini to show them the offer.

Zamparini had earlier this week said: "Juventus and Arsenal have made offers for Dybala.
"Dybala would rather stay in Italy but, from the English sides, Arsenal are his first choice because of how Wenger's team plays."

Wenger however admitted that he is a fan of "Top player" Raheem Sterling after the Reds' winger said yesterday he was "Flattered" to be linked with Arsenal.

The Gunners are right now monitoring Sterling's contract situation as the 20-year-old is hesitant over a new deal with talks about his future to the set to recommence this summer.

Wenger said he did not want to overstep Sterling's present contract stand-off with Liverpool at this stage in the season before the transfer window opens again in summer.

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