Wednesday, 13 May 2015


18-year-old Adrianne, from Michigan, USA, has a REALLY long Tongue. She can touch her eye ball with it. Truth be told, Adrianne figures her tongue may be the longest on the planet, as indicated by her estimations its a lolloping 4 inches in length when completely extended, and the present record holder Nick Stoeberl's is a simple
3.9 inches. 

Her mom Julianne affirmed: 'Her incredible granddad – his tongue was long, my mom had a long tongue, I have a long tongue, and now she does'

However, Adrianne is sharp not to give her a chance to predecessors take all the grandness.

She countered: 'I feel as if I may have acquired it, yet I think with time and me being the strange child that I was and continually standing out my tongue, it could have extended it.

While she sits tight for affirmation on her record,
Adrianne has been imparting her ability to the world by means of a progression of Youtube features, and passes by the epithet 'Long tongue Lewis'.

Yet, despite the fact that Adrianne's beau, Tim Hegedus, is glad for her (perhaps record holding) resource, he's not exactly awed by a portion of the consideration she's got on the web.

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